Rent your desired look….Gwynnie Bee Clothing subscription…is it worth it ?

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I’ve been renting clothes for over two years now. I get to try/wear clothes I would never buy and I get to send them back.

A couple years back I was up late watching infomercials and I saw one about renting clothes having an endless closet everything you could ever desire so I went online and signed up for a subscription.

There were so many different subscriptions I picked the cheapest subscription for $50 one item at a time. There are other subscription options for two items it’s $69 for three items it’s $95 and there’s a five item for $139 seven items for $179 and 10 items for $199. I was able to put a bunch of cute items (cute dress, cute shirts, cute skirts) in a virtual closet. Then about a week or so later a brown box nicely packaged with tissue paper was wrapped my first item. It has been history ever since.

I’ve seen recently found that there are a bunch of different sites now offering rental clothing. It is definitely cheaper and you get more items but I found that I don’t like the selections of these other companies so far. So I’m sticking with Gwynnie Bee

Perks of this subscription are the sales all the clothing eventually goes on sale and you can pick up items $5 dollars and up for free shipping. You can also earn points every time you send an item back when you earn so many points that money turns into money off of a purchase

So, is it worth it? It definitely depends on your lifestyle. For me I love it I never had an issue with the company I even paused my subscription for over a year because I wasn’t working so there is no point to get a new outfit every week and then I came back to it. I like the selections you can either go casual or dressy. I love getting the emails saying your boxes is on the way just so I can see what I’ll be getting next. 

This dress was EVERYTHING!!!!
My latest item. This item retails at $72
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