◦ So my day officially started that 3:30am. One of the twins was screaming their head off. I thought it was Kamryn because she is always screaming and hollering since the day she came home from the hospital, but it wasn’t her shockingly it was Jordyn (if Jordyn is crying something is wrong cause she loves her sleep.) She lost her pacifier and it was on the floor.

◦ So, I stayed up with them for an hour 4:30am eating ritz crackers and drinking milk taking silly pictures. They went back to sleep and so did I eventually. I then was awaken by my husband saying goodbye for the day it was about 7:50am. His tone suggested that he was called me more than once and I didn’t hear. I was so tired and I knew I had to get up for my phone interview at 9am (I didn’t get the 2nd interview).

◦ After my interview I took a shower and I laid down to catch a nap. The girls were still sleeping I figured I had about an hour or so. I heard them around 11:30am and peeled myself out of bed to get them fed and changed. We all ate a late breakfast and then they colored and we had a learning session, a snack, animal tv time, played with toys. I forgot to mention I’m trying to wean them of their pacifiers so I left it in bed when they got up. It was a bit chaotic with screams and fits when they couldn’t have their way but by 3pm they went down for their naps.

◦ Days never went so fast being home with them. Nap time over so soon! When I was working the days would drag on and on. Right before I woke them I ordered food, we had dinner, they played very loudly, I gave them baths and did their hair for our lunch outing tomorrow with girlfriends!

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