Do your kids play you???

My kids play me like an instrument! They do things to me or around me that they don’t do to anyone else! Jordyn will fuss, fuss, fuss until I pick her up! (She’s doesn’t care if I’m doing something and I have to admit I cave and pick her up but then I cannot do anything with her attached to my hip and then when Kamryn sees me picking up Jordyn she feels like she should be picked up too. They are both over 25lbs! I cannot effectively pick them both up unless I’m sitting!) Lately, I’ve been putting my foot down trying not to cave and I make them wait until I’m ready to pick them up. Man, there’s been a ton of melt downs by the twins! Usually it’s nap or bed time though! The point is they don’t treat others this way. How can these little people be so smart and know how and what to get what they need?? In need of some twin mommy hacks!

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